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Meeting the educational, research and clinical information needs of the UW community.

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HSL Library Liaison Program

Library Liaisons serve the University of Washington health sciences community by supporting teaching, clinical, and research needs through our library collections, services, and resources.

Contact the liaison for your department listed to the right, or send email to hsl at for more information.

Locate by School Department, Program

Locate by School, Department, Program

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Aging, Institute on Andrea Ball
AIDS Clinical Trials Unit Frances Chu
Airlift Northwest Andrea Ball
Allergy & Infectious Diseases Andrea Ball
Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Joanne Rich
B Back to Top
Biochemistry Diana Louden
Bioengineering Diana Louden
Bioethics & Humanities Diana Louden
Biological Structure Diana Louden
Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education (BIME) Diana Louden
Biostatistics Sarah Safranek
C Back to Top
Cardiology Andrea Ball
Center on Human Development & Disability Terry Ann Jankowski
Clinical Scholars Program Andrea Ball
Comparative Medicine Terry Ann Jankowski
Critical Care Medicine Frances Chu
D Back to Top
Dentistry, School of Terry Ann Jankowski
Dermatology Andrea Ball
E Back to Top
Emergency Medicine Andrea Ball
Endocrinology Andrea Ball
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Sarah Safranek
Epidemiology Sarah Safranek
F Back to Top
Family Medicine Sarah Safranek
G Back to Top
Gastroenterology Andrea Ball
General Internal Medicine Andrea Ball
Genome Sciences Diana Louden
Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine Andrea Ball
Global Health Sarah Safranek
H Back to Top
Hall Health Primary Care Center Frances Chu
Harborview Medical Center Andrea Ball
and Frances Chu
History of Medicine/Rare Books UW Special Collections
Health Information Administration Program Sarah Safranek
Health Services Sarah Safranek
Hematology Andrea Ball
I Back to Top
Immunology Diana Louden
Institute on Aging Andrea Ball
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Sarah Safranek
Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) Diana Louden
International Health Program Sarah Safranek
I-TECH Sarah Safranek
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L Back to Top
Laboratory Medicine Frances Chu
M Back to Top
Maternal & Child Health Program Sarah Safranek
MEDEX Northwest Sarah Safranek
Medical Education & Biomedical Informatics    see BIME  
Medical Genetics Diana Louden
Medical Laboratory Science Jamie Gray
Medicinal Chemistry Terry Ann Jankowski
Medicine, Department of Andrea Ball
Medicine, School of Nicole Dettmar
and Jamie Gray
Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition Frances Chu
Microbiology Diana Louden
Molecular & Cellular Biology Program Diana Louden
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Nephrology Andrea Ball
Neuroscience, Graduate Program in Diana Louden
Neurological Surgery Frances Chu
Neurology Frances Chu
Northwest Hospital Terry Ann Jankowski
Nursing, School of Joanne Rich
and Nicole Dettmar
Nutritional Sciences Sarah Safranek
O Back to Top
Obstetrics & Gynecology Terry Jankowski
Occupational Therapy Terry Ann Jankowski
Oncology Andrea Ball
Ophthalmology Frances Chu
Oral Health Services Terry Ann Jankowski
Oral Medicine Terry Ann Jankowski
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Terry Ann Jankowski
Orthodontics Terry Ann Jankowski
Orthopaedics Terry Ann Jankowski
Otolaryngology Terry Ann Jankowski
P Back to Top
Paramedic Training Program Andrea Ball
Pathobiology Doctoral Program Sarah Safranek
Pathology Frances Chu
Pediatric Dentistry Terry Ann Jankowski
Pediatrics Jamie Gray
Periodontics Terry Ann Jankowski
Pharmaceutics Terry Ann Jankowski
Pharmacy Services UWMC/HMC Terry Ann Jankowski
and Joanne Rich
Pharmacy, School of Terry Ann Jankowski
and Joanne Rich
Physical Therapy Terry Ann Jankowski
and Joanne Rich
Physician Assistant (MEDEX NW) Sarah Safranek
Physiology & Biophysics Diana Louden
Primate Research Center Terry Ann Jankowsk
Prosthodontics Terry Ann Jankowski
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Frances Chu
Psychosocial & Community Health Joanne Rich
Public Health, School of Sarah Safranek
Public Health Genetics Diana Louden
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Andrea Ball
R Back to Top
Radiation Oncology Andrea Ball
Radiology Frances Chu
Rehabilitation Medicine/Sciences Terry Ann Jankowski
Restorative Dentistry Terry Ann Jankowski
Rheumatology Andrea Ball
RIDE Terry Ann Jankowski
S Back to Top
School of Dentistry Terry Ann Jankowski
School of Medicine Nicole Dettmar
and Jamie Gray
School of Nursing Joanne Rich
and Nicole Dettmar
School of Pharmacy Terry Ann Jankowski
and Joanne Rich
School of Public Health Sarah Safranek
School of Social Work Jamie Gray
Social Workers (HMC/UWMC) Frances Chu
Surgery Andrea Ball
U Back to Top
Urology Terry Ann Jankowski
UW Medical Center Andrea Ball
and Frances Chu
UW Medicine Jamie Gray
UW Neighborhood Clinics Frances Chu
W Back to Top
WRITE Nicole Dettmar
WWAMI Nicole Dettmar
and Sarah Safranek

HSL Liaisons


Locate by Liaison

  • Harborview Medical Center
  • Medicine, Dept of
  • Surgery
  • UW Medical Center
  • Harborview Medical Center
  • UWMC Nurses
  • UW Medical Center
  • School of Medicine
Gray, Jamie
  • Pediatrics
  • School of Social Work
  • UW Medicine
Jankowski, Terry Ann
  • Northwest Hospital
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Rehabilitation Medicine/Sciences
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Pharmacy
Louden, Diana
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS)
  • Medical Genetics

Rich, Joanne

  • Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine
  • Pharmacy Services
  • School of Nursing
Safranek, Sarah
  • Family Medicine
  • MEDEX Northwest
  • School of Public Health
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