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NURS 304: Using the Library: Overviews

Find Overviews on Infectious Disease Topics

Use an Electronic or Print Infectious Diseases Textbook

Medical textbooks will provide a basic overview of disease states typically including the history of the disease, the etiologic organism involved, incidence and prevalence, modes of transmission, clinical signs and symptoms, diagnostic criteria, therapies, prognosis, and preventive measures.

Although information in credible textbooks represents accumulated knowledge on a topic, it is not based strictly on evidence-based information. It can include expert opinion and unproven yet accepted common lore.

We suggest you try UpToDate or DynaMed, a comprehensive clinical resources which include good overviews of specific infectious diseases.  UpToDate and DynaMed are linked from the UW Health Sciences Library website home page at


Also try Infectious Diseases eBooks OR   Print Infectious Diseases or Communicable Diseases textbooks at the UW.

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